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Cummings & Lockwood leverages sophisticated technology to deliver the highest quality work product more efficiently allowing for more personalized service to our clients.  Automated technology platforms, many designed by Cummings & Lockwood attorneys, enable us to devote more time to counseling clients, as well as structuring sophisticated estate planning and transaction documents that are tailored to their specific needs.

Our proprietary document drafting and estate practice systems enable our private clients attorneys to produce state-of-the-art estate planning documents that were custom-designed by Cummings & Lockwood's trusts and estates attorneys, as opposed to using off-the-shelf legal documents that are more generic in nature.  These systems allow us to quickly update our estate planning documents to ensure that they reflect the most recent legislative developments and case law.  They also provide our attorneys with flexible tools for tracking the estate planning process for all of our clients. Finally, our estate practice system provides a sophisticated framework for the administration of trust and estate settlements, ensuring a thorough monitoring of trust income, principal, distributions, disbursements and accountings.

In addition, Cummings & Lockwood supports a host of tools to facilitate commercial and litigation matters, including docketing and case management, transcript management, discovery management, document imaging and the electronic production of closing documents. These tools are adapted to best support the unique needs of each client.

We have gone to great lengths to build redundancy and business continuity into all of our systems, keeping our data secure and readily accessible to our attorneys and for our clients.

Cummings & Lockwood - The Choice for sophisticated legal counsel.