Cummings & Lockwood

Cummings & Lockwood Celebrates 110th Anniversary

August 31, 2019

Sunday, September 1, 2019 marked Cummings & Lockwood’s 110th anniversary as a firm.

On that day our founders, Homer Cummings and Charles Lockwood, opened the firm for business in Stamford, Connecticut.  They were excellent lawyers, friends and deeply committed to their clients.

Homer Cummings, a former Mayor of Stamford in the early 1900's, was Vice Chairman of the Democratic National Convention in 1910. He played a pivotal role in the election of President Woodrow Wilson in 1912 and served as the Attorney General of the United States under Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1933 to 1939.  In addition to his achievements in politics, Mr. Cummings also had an outstanding career as a courtroom lawyer. He served as State's Attorney for Fairfield County from 1914 to 1928 and handled the notable Israel case, which was highlighted in the feature film Boomerang.

Judge Charles Lockwood was first an Assistant District Attorney in New York City, and later, a three-time Probate Judge in Stamford. He was seriously considered for nomination for Governor of Connecticut but devoted himself instead to the business of the Firm.

We have since grown to over 200 lawyers and employees, with six locations in Connecticut and Florida.

Few law firms--or any businesses, for that matter--have continued through a period of two world wars, the great depression, the advent of technology, a global recession, overwhelming mergers and consolidation, and the increasing pace of change, specialization and complexity faced by our clients and in the practical law.        

But the firm has endured and prospered for over a century--while remaining independent--mostly due to the quality of lawyers, staff and clients we have been fortunate to work with.  Homer Cummings and Charles Lockwood still symbolize the dual strengths of our Firm – full-service representation of businesses combined with personalized service to individuals and families. Indeed, the core principles they imparted – professional excellence, integrity and service – remain hallmarks of the Firm today.