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Improper Payments by Private Foundations

As Donald Trump learned the hard way, the consequences can be costly
March 28, 2016

A private foundation, it’s been said, is a large body of money surrounded by those who want some. But, to whom may a private foundation make contributions?

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Legal Underpinnings for Formulating (And Defending) Estate Plans

December 21, 2015

Finding your way through the tax law maze of authorities.  A U.S. Supreme Court Justice’s comment on an important criminal law rule is instructive.

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Defining Real Success

January-March 2016

How do you define success? For many companies, success is determined solely by monetary return, but for some progressive organizations, helping others is a critical factor when gauging the organization’s success.

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Hedge Fund Managers Must Exercise Restraint in Deploying Indemnification Provisions

November 18, 2015

Indemnification provisions are the forbidden fruit in every hedge fund partnership agreement.

The Hedge Fund Law Report, Volume 8, Number 45


Charitable Remainder Trust Pitfalls

October 2015

Doing a charitable remainder trust (CRT) the right way enables your clients to make significant charitable gifts, provide life income for themselves (and others) and save taxes. 

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Patching Up Mucked Up CRTs

Guidelines for doing it right; how defective trusts can be reformed to quality
August 2015

Why are some charitable remainder trusts (CRTs) mucked up?

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By Conrad Teitell, Patricia Beauregard, and Stefania Bartlett


Termination of Charitable Remainder Trusts

"You've got to know when to hold 'em, know went to fold 'em."
October 2014

Kenny Rogers could well have been singing about charitable remainder trusts (CRTs).

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